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We are looking for more barbers to join our team!
Looking for motivated people who are willing to learn. Fixed salary + addition depending on the amount of work done.
Message us on email or come in person to the barbershop.

Work updates!

 The American (main barber) is still on much needed rest days. If there will be opportunities, junior barber Leo will work several days in the week – we’ll keep you posted on that so make sure you double check working hours online or on our Instagram. We’ll try to be fully back to work by the middle of September.

Thank you for understanding.
Paris Fashion Week FW/2021

Back from Paris Fashion Week

Again that time of the year for the American barber – this season it was Fashion Week in Paris. Shawn had the honor to do the hair for three major fashion luxury houses Givenchy, Hermes and Louis Vuitton. Hair was done with the team and under creative direction of Duffy – a Vidal Sassoon Global Ambassador and one of the most in-demand hair stylist in the world.
Givenchy show presented in the industrial Paris La Défense Arena with headlights hovering above models’ heads like they were on the run from a flying saucer, the collection was very sci-fi inferno but with the lockdown-inspired outdoorsy twist we’ve become accustomed to this season. Hermes show opened with a dance performance choreographed by Madeline Hollander in New York, it cut to the fashion show in Paris with models and Vanhee-Cybulski—who gave a wave in an Hermès-orange face mask—and finally hopscotched to Shanghai for the second dance piece, directed by Gu Jiani in front of a live audience. Finally, on the last day of the Paris Fashion Week – Louis Vuitton show presented a collection of Louis Vuitton trophy pieces for the coming-out parties we’re anticipating after a year in suspended animation.
Again, it was an honor and a privilege to be a part of these shows and to work with fellow colleagues – to be among the best ones in the world.

Back from Milan & Paris Fashion Week

Shawn is back to barbershop from Milan and Paris where he did shows Alberta Ferretti, Blumarine, Etro, Max Mara, Louis Vuitton, Sportmax and Salvatore Ferragamo. This season was something new for the fashion world and the usual protocols of fashion weeks – less guests and minimum audience present, smaller model count and smaller hair and make-up teams. Regardless of all, it was a pleasure and an honor working again with world’s greatest talents in creating new trends. Special thanks to Duffy, a world famous hairstylist who is Vidal Sassoon Global Ambassador and Anthony Turner, another worldwide respected hairstylist, who’s been having Shawn on the team.

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